Precast concrete and plaster discover coherence in Cedar Metropolis Southern Utah Museum of Artwork

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“While you look across the constructing, it’s extra about what you don’t see than what you do,” Larry Scarpa, founding companion of Brooks + Scarpa, mentioned of the Southern Utah Museum of Artwork (SUMA) in Cedar Metropolis, Utah. The museum has no again facade and as such, the normal mechanical necessities have been approached deliberately to create the looks of a clean, unbroken floor. Positioned throughout the facade are many seamless hid doorways, masking the mechanical necessities. One precast panel on the east facade, dealing with the sculpture backyard, swings out to disclose the mechanical room behind it. The entire lights within the plaster soffit are trim-less and seem extra as apertures than additive parts.

Southern Utah Museum of Artwork (Courtesy Brooks Scarpa)


  • Facade

    TAKTL (concrete panels), BASWA (acoustic plaster), Harper Precast (precast concrete)
  • Architects
    Brooks + Scarpa (Design Architect), Blalock & Companions Architectural Design Studio (Native Architect)
  • Facade

    Southam and Associates (concrete panels), Houghton Plaster (acoustic plaster)
  • Facade

    Van Boerum and Frank Associates (constructing envelope guide)
  • Location
    Cedar Metropolis, Utah
  • Date of

  • System
    Concrete panel wall system, acoustic plaster soffit
  • Merchandise
    TAKTL Architectural Extremely Excessive Efficiency Concrete, BASWA acoustic sound absorbing plaster

The close by sandstone panorama impressed the structure, the place the first gesture of the roof echoes the geometry of a slot canyon. Brooks + Scarpa used this pure formation to generate a type that sheds water in the identical manner a canyon would shed water. They labored by a number of iterations and mixed a slope evaluation alongside a structural evaluation to reach at a closing type that had the correct slope drainage and was optimally constructed.

Rainwater and snowmelt observe the roof slope towards one in every of two slots on the east and west faces of the constructing. On the fruits of those two channels, the place the channel meets the outside partitions, is a custom-fabricated precast concrete scupper that directs the water right into a below-grade retention basin.

The whole perimeter of the constructing is clad in one-inch thick precast concrete panels by Taktl in an open-jointed system. All the things behind the concrete is waterproofed and the rail mounting system is open to the air. The concrete panels dangle with a constant gap-joint to permit  for motion and growth. Moreover there’s a delicate curvature to the east and west facades that isn’t noticeable however, was detailed as a faceted curve to maximise the quantity of flat, standardized panels. There have been just a few moments that known as for a {custom} fabricated panel, specifically one nook which has a filleted nook on the transition between two facades.

Southern Utah Museum of Artwork (Courtesy Brooks Scarpa)

The soffit of the constructing is constructed out of an acoustical plaster and fabricated within the area. The complicated curvature of the soffit required intricate detailing of the x,y, and z coordinates to be constructed precisely. Following the lead of the outside facade, the plaster growth joints proceed the strains between every panel.

Initially, Brooks + Scarpa wished to realize a seamless transition between wall and roof. Nonetheless, after they found this wasn’t doable they have been pressured to contemplate completely different choices. Their answer was a quarter-inch flat aluminum channel that runs over each the TAKTL panels and the precast scupper to create a constant cap the place the wall meets the roof. There’s a one-inch hole between the aluminum and the panels, nonetheless, the aluminum runs flat over the concrete scuppers.

Southern Utah Museum of Artwork (Courtesy Dana Sohm)

Conversely, the place the concrete meets the plaster soffit, the plaster is held again the identical one-inch dimension of the panels in a reveal. On the base of the facade, the concrete panels and acoustic plaster are held off from the bottom in an identical dimension.

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