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AQWIRE: Qwikwire’s Blockchain Powered Platform

Qwikwire announced it’s biggest project to date, AQWIRE!

AQWIRE aims to build a real estate transactions platform for property developers all over the world, making them available for everybody wanting to invest or just simply buy a unit.

The platform will only be available for developers in which new and pre-built units can be listed.

This saves potential foreign unit owners as much as 30% of the cost associated when buying the unit.

Yes, 30%.

To know why, we need to first understand how the current sales process takes place:

1. The potential unit buyer needs to contact and transact with (at least 3) different brokers (locally and internationally).

2. He/She needs to set-up a payment method for the monthly payment from another country.

3. And since it’s an international purchase, it is best to hire a lawyer to look out for your best interest, legally.

We’re looking at several brokers, having to set-up a foreign account and fund it monthly, as well as hire a legal representative, which all adds to the overall cost of the unit.

AQWIRE is disrupting this by eliminating all of those intermediaries and directly connecting the developer to the potential buyer. Thus, saving tons of money for the investor and exponentially increasing the customer reach of the developer.

Great, right?

But that’s not all…

Since Qwikwire specializes on cross-border payments, customers then can pay for their units seamlessly and easily from the comforts of their own homes with whatever credit or debit card they may have in their wallets.

Creating an ecosystem of property developers, unit owners, and potential buyers. Connecting them from listing the property, to buying the unit and continuously paying for the dues in perpetuity.

It’ll easily make Jane Doe from New York purchase any property in Perth with ease. No need to talk to several intermediaries, no need to figure out how to pay for the unit, most of all, you don’t have to pay premium.

And since it’s blockchain powered, both property developer and unit owner can be assured of its security, transparency and accessibility.


Qey, the token that’ll be utilized in the AQWIRE platform

Qey, AQwire’s token, will be sold through an ICO (initial coin offering). Token sale will start on May 15th in which the tokens will be sold at $0.15 with a hardcap of $14.85M.

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